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Torsten Neuperger from Germany.

He is working in construction company. But his main passion is Casino Games. Torsten prefer to play French Roulette. It is not very popular game in gambling, so he wants to popularize it through this blog.

Here you will find tips on how to play Online French Roulette at it`s rules.

Online roulette with French rules is an attractive game, allowing users to try their luck in a relaxed atmosphere. Even though initially this game was intended only for representatives of the aristocracy, now the situation has changed radically. It is available to all people who have Internet access and have reached the age of 18. The appearance of the French Roulette is no different from the original.

After launching the application, a separate screen opens for the players on which the game components are placed:

  • a betting table;
  • a roulette wheel;
  • chips;
  • a statistics window;
  • all the necessary control buttons.

For thrifty players, there is the possibility of playing for virtual money. The rules remain the same, but there is no risk of losing personal savings.

Online Roulette with French Rules: the Main Aspects

It is necessary to guess which of the 37 sectors the ball will stop moving. The French roulette wheel is divided into 37 sectors, which are from 0 to 36, and the 37th sector is Zero, usually, to highlight this sector, it is colored green. The integral distinction of this type of game, from the American or European, is the designations and names of terms, they are written and pronounced only in French. On the roulette wheel, the numbers have a random order.

  1. On the right side of zero on the game wheel are numbers from 32 to 10, of which 9 are black small numbers, and 9 are large numbers of the red color;
  2. On the left side of zero on the game wheel, there are numbers from 26 to 5, of which 9 are black large numbers, and 9 are red small numbers.

Thanks to this order of numbers on the wheel, players can focus on three sectors to choose a bet.

The Distinctive Features of French Roulette

French variant differs from other types in two rules. The first rule, this is the Prison rule (En Prison), it allows the players to split their bets into equal chances, send them to the so-called prison and save if the ball stops its movement to zero. In this case, the players can choose one of two options, get half of their bets back or transfer them to the next spin, which will determine their fate.

The second rule is called La Partage, it allows the players to get back half his bet if the ball lands on zero. Initially, French roulette was offered using a double Zero on the wheel and subsequently has gained both 00 and without it.

Best Slots with French Roulette

Today the online roulette with French rules is presented by the following devices:

  • The French Roulette by Playtech allows making up to 10 bets simultaneously, which significantly increases the chances of users for the win. Moreover, each bet may affect one number or their group;
  • The slot French Roulette by Globotech. The success depends on the strategy chosen by the players and their financial capabilities. When the desired number of gamers falls out, a win is expected. The size of which is calculated by multiplying the bet. The more they bet, the higher will be the amount of the due payment;
  • The French Roulette by NetEnt – This slot is characterized by peculiar gameplay. The opening of the raster track for oral betting will occur after the activation of the Open Racetrack. To double all the amounts, players should activate the Double all Bets key, and cancel pro bets made – the Undo all Bets button.

Beginners are advised to play online roulette with French rules at the minimum bet, focusing on the study of various combinations and calculating the chances of obtaining a solid win.

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