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Torsten Neuperger from Germany.

He is working in construction company. But his main passion is Casino Games. Torsten prefer to play French Roulette. It is not very popular game in gambling, so he wants to popularize it through this blog.

Here you will find tips on how to play Online French Roulette at it`s rules.

If you want to know how to play French roulette, you should know that four people can play this game. To start taking part in the game, take one of the four available game places, click on the Take button, which is displayed on an available gambling place.

After occupying the playing place, the chips will become available to you in the amount shown in the Score box at the bottom of the window. Your account decreases by the amount of the bet when you place bets and increases by the number of winnings.

In the upper left corner, the time indicator per step is displayed. Bets can be placed until it has moved into the red zone. If you play at a personal table, then you cannot pay attention to the indicator, since the time to move is not limited.

Having made bets, in accordance with the rules and within the limits set for this table of the range, confirm your intention to play with these bets by clicking on the Play button. In French roulette gold, you cannot make any bets for this game round. To do this, simply confirm your intention to play by clicking on the Play button. If you do not confirm your intention to play three times, then the game place that you occupied will be freed and will be available to other players.

As soon as the progress time indicator goes into the red zone, all your bets on the table that you managed to make up to this point will be automatically accepted and played on your behalf.

Features of French Roulette

The table contains a spinning wheel and a playing field. The wheel includes cells numbered from 1 to 36, as well as a zero cell – zero (0). Half of the 36 numbered cells are black, the other half is red. Cell 0 is green.

The specificity of Netent French roulette is the use of authentic French names of moves, bets, and symbols used for marking the gambling table.

The player bets on the playing field according to where he expects the ball may hit. To start the game, the player must click on the “Play” button.

After the ball fell into one of the cells, a marker is put on the playing field indicating the number that fell out. An enlarged fragment of the wheel with a drawn number appears in the window at the top of the screen. The dropped number is recorded in the game history – a vertical window located in the upper right corner of the screen. These features you have to be aware of if you want to know how to play French roulette.

Best French Roulette Games

You can play this game on the French Roulette slot machine. The graphic design of the slot will amaze even experienced players. The main background of the game is the roulette table. The betting field is divided into 36 zones and the so-called zero zone. Everything is executed in bright saturated colors; the design is spectacular and pleasing to the eye. Great musical background, thanks to which this game has become even more realistic.

Bets can be varied, from a specific number to a group of numbers. You can bet on the color – black or red and on zones with 12 or 17 numbers around the zero zone. If the ball is in the zero zone, the PinUp player can pick up half the bet or place it again, this is a feature of French Roulette. A great online slot that everyone should play.

French Roulette Premium online is a classic gambling slot that allows you to play online according to the rules of the French version. You can put from 1 to 25 dollars on a clean number. Other restrictions on bets can be found in the rules of the casino. You can play on your own or do it with other users. You can make a large bet of up to 1 thousand dollars. Premium French Roulette is free for almost everyone. Now you know how to play French roulette and increase your odds to win.

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