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Torsten Neuperger from Germany.

He is working in construction company. But his main passion is Casino Games. Torsten prefer to play French Roulette. It is not very popular game in gambling, so he wants to popularize it through this blog.

Here you will find tips on how to play Online French Roulette at it`s rules.

Playing roulette came from France and this gambling activity was invented after the French revolution. Later it has gained popularity in the United States because it was brought to the country by French immigrants. French roulette differs from other roulette types by the layout of the table, it also has standard wheel layout and the most important feature of the game is that the house advantage is reduced to 1.35 %, which is the lowest among all roulette types. French roulette may be found in lots of places including in Monte Carlo.

Features of French roulette version

There are quite a few distinctive features that differ French roulette from any other roulette types. French roulette rules may have similar terms and conditions but the visual differences can be seen immediately. There are plenty of white themes as well as singes written in French are noticed immediately. The chances of winning in French roulette are higher because house advantage is considered to be as 1.35 percent only due to possibility taking advantage of “en prison rule” when playing on chances. So, if 0 appears on the table, player receives 50% of the bet or it is imprisoned until the next wheel spin.

Here are the other features:

  • French roulette has only one 0 pocket
  • Slightly different table layout
  • Side bets are presented on both sides of the table
  • Signs are written in French and English
  • Wheel sequence differs from American roulette
  • Dozen nest is not presented in columns and marked as P12, M12 and D12
  • When “Le portage” rule applies on making side bets in case of 0 appearance, there is no chance of imprisonment for the bet until another turn and 50% of the bet will be given to both player and the house.
  • In French roulette rules the odds for the player will be increased because of the “announced bets”, when a player may make the bets and announce the numbers to the lefts and to the right.

On many occasions all numbers on the table in French rouletted may be marked in white colors, whereas in other types it is red or black but it may also be applied to French roulette version too.

Slots for French roulette

There are quite a few places in the online gambling resources where French roulette can be played. Due to higher percentage chances of winning and rules being expanded further, players love this roulette type. As a result, lots of online casinos offer this game to play. The list below indicates the online resources that may be regarded as the best places to play the game online:

  • Bovada casino
  • Ignition casino
  • Crypto Thrills casino
  • Cyber spins casino
  • All slots casino

When commencing playing in this roulette type, French roulette rules and how to play specialties gave to be known first. Slight differences exist, so it is important to know them.

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