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Torsten Neuperger from Germany.

He is working in construction company. But his main passion is Casino Games. Torsten prefer to play French Roulette. It is not very popular game in gambling, so he wants to popularize it through this blog.

Here you will find tips on how to play Online French Roulette at it`s rules.

Those gamblers, who choose French Roulette online slots offered by Playtech and NetEnt or play this game in a live casino, should know that it has got special features and rules, which make it even more attractive to gamblers that do not like to risk a lot but prefer to try diverse games.

French Roulette online features

French Roulette online rules are the same as those of its European and American variants: this is the game of chance where the player bets on numbers where he thinks the ball will come to rest as the wheel stops. However, online Roulette with French rules distinguish it from other classic ways of playing. Its main feature is the design of the table and the field.

  1. First, unlike green American and European tables, the French Roulette online table is covered with red cloth and all numbers are printed in white. This is just a matter of design that has no effect on the rules. The players can make the same bets on black and red, even though they appear white on the placement field.
  2. Second, the bets’ area looks differently. Bets are placed on both sides.
  3. The wheel is not really different from the European one.

Many newbies that choose their right to play French Roulette online free, are sometimes confused when understanding that here the terms are used in French. They have to familiarize themselves with the notion of French words in the game:

  • “Manque” stands for Low (1 – 18);
  • “Passe” means High (19 – 36);
  • “Colonne” means column, etc.

In some slots these terms are translated, which makes the task for English-speaking players easier.

Additional rules

Here, the so-called La Partage and En Prison rules work always. The two terms come from the French. Both of them relate to the situation in which bets on a simple chance and a result of the turn of Zero coincide.

The first one lets the gamer get ½ of his initial bet back if the ball stops at Zero. The second rule shifts the bet to the next round instead of simply losing it.

The best slots of this type

French Roulette online free play will let a gambler understand if he likes this game or not. The best gaming software providers work only with the most-respected casinos and they have an agreement to give each gaming site user try online French Roulette free. The most-often chosen slots of this type are:

  • Roulette Pro which is NetEnt French Roulette online slot.
  • Playtech and Microgaming free and real-money games’ variants;
  • Premium, etc.

Low Limit French Roulette online players pick this NetEnt game to try it free or visit casinos that welcome American gamblers.

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